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Eye Exam

​Eye examinations are a crucial step in maintaining optimal eye health and vision. Aiken Eye Care offers a comprehensive series of tests to assess visual acuity, identify potential eye diseases, and determine the need for corrective measures such as glasses or contact lenses.

We conduct tests to evaluate visual acuity, peripheral vision, eye muscle function, pupil response to light, and eye pressure. Request an appointment with us today!

Prescription Glasses


Aiken Eye Care offers a wide range of prescription glasses to cater to each person's unique visual needs. We use advanced tools like autorefractors and aberrometers to ensure accurate measurements and help us create lenses that provide optimal vision correction.  We have a diverse selection of frames, including stylish and trendy options, and our knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding the perfect pair.

Learn about Neurolens 

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Eye Doctor

Eye emergencies can be frightening and potentially sight-threatening. Aiken Eye Care is here to help preserve your vision and eye health if you are in need of immediate care.

Contact us immediately if you experience:

  • Sudden and severe eye pain.

  • Sudden vision loss, even if it's temporary.

  • Chemical exposure to the eye.

  • Foreign object lodged in the eye.

  • Trauma to the eye or surrounding area.

  • Severe eye infection or redness.

  • Sudden onset of flashes of light or numerous floaters.

  • A "curtain" or shadow spreading across your vision

Dry Eye Therapy


Aiken Eye Care specializes in dry eye therapy which is used to treat dry eye disease, a condition characterized by discomfort, blurred vision, and potential damage to the eyes. Additionally, we help individuals with persistent or severe ocular allergies by identifying the allergens triggering your symptoms and recommending the most effective treatment plan.  ​

Learn about Lumenis

What is IPL?

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a popular treatment used by optometrists to address various eye conditions, especially those that are related to dry eyes. It's a non-invasive and painless procedure that utilizes high-intensity pulses of light to stimulate and rejuvenate the cells in and around the eyelids.

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What is RF?

When RF is applied to the skin adjacent to the eyes, the heat melts the thick oil secretions clogging the meibomian glands. This enables improved oil flow into the tears. RF also helps to reduce inflammation around the eyes, which may be contributing to your eye condition.

Pediatric Care


Children's Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are recommended for everyone, including children, as they can help detect conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes at an early stage.

Aiken Eye Care understands the importance of pediatric eye care in maintaining healthy vision for children. 

We offer comprehensive pediatric eye examinations to detect and address any irregularities or potential vision problems at an early stage.

Request an appointment with us today! 



Aiken Eye Care assists in the pre-operative and post-operative management of LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) procedure. LASIK is a popular refractive surgical procedure aimed at improving vision and reducing the need for glasses or contact lenses. 

LASIK is commonly used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Candidates for LASIK should be at least 18 years old, have stable vision prescription, and be in good general health.

Contact us for a LASIK consultation today

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Cataract Co-Management

We help cataract patients choose the most suitable procedure and assist in the care and management of the pre-operative and post-operative stages of cataract surgery.​

  • Medical Co-Management 

  • Cataract Surgery

  • Glaucoma

  • Retinal Surgery

  • Diabetic Eye - Annual Evaluations and Management of Diabetic Eye Disease

Contact us to learn more about cataract co-management



Please contact our office about vision and medical insurance acceptance.

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